Tuesday 8 September 2015

An open letter from the Chair, Cornwall CBA

Your chance to have our Cornish voice heard!

Hello to all clubs and members,

As our new season gets underway, I wonder how many of us at times think that here in Cornwall we are a long way from the centre of things, in badminton terms, a little bit "out of sight, out of mind" and that no-one within our governing body (Badminton England) really cares about us or what we think.  There have been some significant recent changes, especially regarding county matches that affect us greatly.

Well, now we have TWO  opportunities coming up where we can have a real say and where every Cornish club member can, and should, join in and put the Cornish view.

The first of these is a visit by the Chief Executive of Badminton England, Adrian Christy, at the invitation of your county committee.  Adrian wants to not only see how we do things but to meet as many of us as possible so, with this in mind, we are staging an open meeting on 24th September at 7.30 pm in Conference Room at Polkyth, St Austell.  He will field as many questions as we may wish to put to him so if you have a particular topic you feel strongly about, then this is an ideal opportunity to hear the response from the top on it.  As an example, I personally feel strongly that clubs, especially in areas like ours, do not seem to get the support from BE they deserve so this is one subject he could comment on.

Secondly, BE are staging a County Conference on Saturday 31st October in Loughborough between 1pm and 6.30pm (refreshments provided).  I will be attending, following my attendance at the earlier Council meeting, and we can send up to another 4 persons to act as delegates, so if anyone else is interested in joining me, then get in touch for more details.  If we could register a full 5 votes on any issues discussed there, that would be great publicity and a real voice for Cornwall.

If you agree that these are opportunities not to be missed, then let us know your opinions as soon as possible.  Should you have a question to put to Adrian Christy, come to the meeting on 24th September; it would be good if you let us know in advance the nature of your particular question, so we can avoid unnecessary duplications.  You can send an email to me or to Lyndon Allen, addresses below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Poole

Chair, Cornwall CBA