Saturday 13 August 2022



                                Badminton England’s new National Youth Voice Forum

Jess and Kerensa Shaw, 15 year old twins from Liskeard Inclusive Badminton Club, have joined the new Forum, set up to represent the views and thoughts of young people, to raise their profile in badminton, and to make badminton more attractive, accessible and inclusive to all young people.The Forum will guide the work of Badminton England in making the voice of young people heard.

Jess and Kerensa meeting Lauren Smith and Marcus Ellis with the Forum in June at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes

Jess and Kerensa talk about their experiences  -

What did you have to do to apply? 
We had to make a video application on why you want to join, what you want to do etc. It only had to be a few minutes long. 

What have you been up to so far? 
We usually do a video call a month, focusing on different areas like what makes a good coach or safeguarding. These can be led by members if they want. We've done an in person meet-up once and got to meet some of the England squad!!!

 What do you want to get out of it/why did you apply? 
Obviously promote the sport considering how little its covered in school and online. My friend thought it was played outside! Before Liam Sillifant (Cornwall Coach) came to our school I had no idea it existed. The numbers of players in Cornwall keep going down especially after Covid. We also got a free hoodie and met some players. I thought it would be good for me too - developing personal skills.