Thursday 28 February 2013



Our away game against Wilshire 3rds began with an early and cold Sunday morning drive to Melksham. Upon arrival, the sports hall proved to be as cold, if not colder than outside.

Despite this the match got off to a blistering start, with our regular singles representatives Emily, Hester and Kris, along with singles new face Seb providing a 4-0 advantage. This was in spite of Seb conveniently ‘misplacing’ his entire badminton kit (not his fault of course).

Our good run continued with the duo Kahoo & Seb winning both doubles comfortably and Dave & Kris just losing out to Wiltshire’s 1st pairing.

Our ladies contributed, with Jan & Lynda beating Wiltshire’s 2nd ladies and Emily & Hester replicating their performance. Both couples lost to Wiltshire’s 1st pairing but with the match win guaranteed at 9-3, only one mixed was required to obtain the full 3 points.

Both Seb & Jan and Dave & Emily brought home a comprehensive victory, with Kahoo & Lynda losing respectably to talented opposition.

The early morning wake up proved to be worthwhile with Cornwall securing 3 points to maintain their position at the top of the league and potentially promotion at the end of the season. A great team effort by the Cornish seconds.


Dave Harrington, Kahoo Tse, Kris Jasper, Seb Emery

Jan Santillo, Lynda Beer, Emily James, Hester Luke