Monday 23 November 2009

Cornwall Over 60's Demolish Opposition!

Cornwall over 60's team achieved a magnificent 12-0 win over the Isle of Wight at Freshwater on November 22nd.

The first match of the season meant a long journey to the Isle during stormy conditions, which was broken by an overnight stay at Bournemouth.

Team captain, the youthful Brian Hannibal partnered Phil Oland, while new comer to the veterans set up Tony Roberts partnered Mike Nancekivell. In the ladies Pat Edwards partnered Celia Hillman with Chris Marr partnering Vera Nancekivell .

Brian and Phil fought through to clinch a three ender, likewise did Pat and Celia.

Overall a good start to the season and on 6th December the team hope for a repeat performance when they entertain Dorset at St. Austell.