Monday 23 November 2009


Playing their first home match of the season at St Austell on Sunday 22nd November, the singles players gave Cornwall a storming start, going up 4-1 against a strong Oxfordshire outfit.
Cornwall’s men continued the theme, winning the doubles 3-1. Guy Michell and Tom Lyle looked particularly unbeatable.
The ladies had a harder task against their Oxfordshire counterparts, losing all their doubles. Bronwen Wotton and Claire Whitmore pushed one couple very close, narrowly losing the third end.
With the score at 6-6 going into the mixed doubles, the crowd were on the edge of their seats. Chiefs Captain, Kelvin Edwards and Bronwen Wotton could not repeat their earlier wins, but Guy Michell and Rachel Irish captured their game in fine styl, giving Guy another 100% performance for the afternoon.
Seven-all with Tom Lyle and Jo Philp providing Cornwall’s last hope. The game went to the wire and they were unlucky to lose 27-25 in the third end.
Cornwall Captain, Kelvin Edwards said:
“We are very disappointed to lose this match. I’m very proud of the team who fought all the way. It’s up to us to bounce back against Berkshire in our last home match before Christmas – on December 13th – lucky for some!”

Cornwall 1st Team: Kelvin Edwards, Guy Michell, Tom Lyle, Dave Harrington, Jo Philp, Rachel Irish, Bronwen Wotton, Claire Whitmore.