Monday 23 January 2023

SCC in Bath

 Cornwall’s top badminton players travelled to Bath at the weekend for the latest round of matches in Badminton England’s Senior County Championships.

Elliot, Joanna, Milo, Jess, Jack, Lynda, Guy, Bronwen, James & Daphne

First up were local rivals Devon, and Milo had an excellent start, winning his singles in three very close ends against a talented opponent. It was harder going for the Dyer brothers, Jack and Elliot, although Elliot went the distance and was unlucky to lose in the third.

Joanna then followed, and played some great badminton to win her singles in two convincing ends, but Daphne, making a comeback after a long absence, was beaten in two by the older ex-international Devonian.

Tips from Jack & Bron

Guy & James in action

In the men’s doubles, Guy and James fought hard to win a very tight first end, losing the second, then storming to victory in the third, while Jack and Elliot were beaten by a talented pair.

Jack & Elliot 
It was harder going for the Cornish women, and both pairs, of Bronwen and Daphne, and Jess and Lynda lost out to their opponents, leaving the two mixed games to complete the match.

Daphne & Bron win the shorts competition

Milo and Joanna, Cornwall’s county champions, battled hard but lost in two at first mixed, and it was left to Guy and Bronwen to save the day. They cruised to victory with tight net play and power against their experienced rivals, to make the overall score a creditable 4-7 to Devon this time.

Guy & Bron winning

Joanna & Milo 

In the afternoon the team were up against a strong Worcestershire team with some very good players, and the singles all went the wrong way, with the exception of Jack, who played really well to win his singles in three ends, with the third end being incredibly close.

Lynda & Jess

Again, all the doubles were won by Worcs fairly convincingly, followed by the first mixed which Milo and Joanna found tough going against their best player. But yet again, Guy and Bronwen stepped up and saved the day to end on a positive note, winning their mixed in three exciting ends giving the final score 2-9 to the midlands team.

Triumph for Guy & Bron

The team - Milo Semonin (Loughborough), Jack Dyer, Elliot Dyer (Truro), James Whetter, Guy Michell (St Austell), Joanna Vyvyan (Camborne), Daphne Luke, Bronwen Wotton (Bristol), Jess Canfield, Lynda Beer (Callington).