Sunday 14 November 2021

 Duchy Dudes at the NBC

Summer Team League - Championship Cup

The ‘Duchy Dudes’ team of Lynda Beer, Janet Santillo, Julian Cooper, Bob Bell and Jamie Cooper travelled to the National Badminton Centre at Milton Keynes on Saturday 13th November to play in the finals of the Champions Summer League Cup.

The competition was a first for Badminton England and teams had to qualify by winning regional leagues.

Each match consisted of a Ladies’ Doubles, Mens’ Doubles and four Mixed rubbers. Unfortunately Bob suffered an injury in the first match but the rest of the team went on to finish an heroic second in the group, only losing in a hard fought match to the eventual winners ‘Broken Strings’, a London based team from Indonesia.

Lyn, Jan and Julian played a total of 26 ends each during the day and deservedly claimed to be slightly weary after the final match. Jamie stood in at short notice and played a mere 19 ends making a brilliant contribution to the team effort.

Congratulations to BE for hosting the tournament and if it’s run again it would be great to see more teams entering from Cornwall.