Saturday 2 May 2020


We trust that you are all keeping fit and staying safe.

We would need a crystal ball to predict the future for badminton in the coming season.

It is however reassuring that Badminton England are doing a really good job despite the difficult circumstances.

I recommend you log on to the Badminton England website which comprehensively deals with all the ongoing issues, eg. FAQ’s for clubs, coaches and Counties, funding, Government advice as well as a survey for clubs to feedback.

Three of our committee joined the Badminton England Zoom meeting on April 15th along with representatives from many CBA’s. There is another meeting scheduled for 14th May, so if you have a question for Badminton England, please contact a member of our committee who can ensure the question goes straight to the Chief Executive of Badminton England.

The Badminton England Twitter and Facebook links keep players engaged and entertained.

There is also information to come on marketing and re-start plans.

Please note that a provisional date has been arranged for the Cornwall Restricted Tournament, weekend October 10th/11th at Cornwall College, Pool.

A reminder that Badminton England plan to complete the County 2019/20 season with the postponed matches to be played on September 26th/27th.

All Badminton England sanctioned tournaments are currently on hold which therefore applies to the Duchy tournament.

Although the CCBA committee are unable to meet physically, we are in regular contact. If you have any problems or questions concerning badminton, please contact a member of the committee so that we can collectively address the issue.

Please note also that the CCBA AGM will be held as soon as circumstances allow. In the interim the current committee have agreed to remain in post.

Stay fit and safe.

Best wishes,

Bob Bell ( for and behalf of CCBA committee )