Sunday 6 February 2011

Cornwall Badminton 40's triumph on the Isle of Wight

Cornwall’s team of 40's veterans made the long trip to the Isle of Wight at the weekend, and returned triumphant with an 8-4 win, their first of the season.

The Cornish men halved the doubles with their island counterparts, with Adam Widdison and Brian Gilbert playing particularly well to win a hard 3 ender.

The girls took 3 of the ladies doubles, Jan Santillo and Rachel Irish looking strong and remaining unbeaten.

Cornwall needed at least 2 of the mixed doubles to win the match, and Brian and Rachel duly obliged to win theirs, followed by Pete Bazin and Lorna Riggs with a fine win at number one mixed.

Al Riggs and Sue Biscoe completed the victory, and the team set off for the ferry, happy with a great result.